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Get Set For Thriving in Business

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It's never been a secret how stressful I find 'back end' for my business and this had stopped me moving forward with my ideas causing massive procrastination. After Alison's first class coaching I now have a plan of steps to take, I no longer feel overwhelmed and I can actually make a start on my next project. Alison is wonderful, I highly recommend you have a chat with her about your business overwhelm!
Roz Knox

 Book your powerful first coaching session right now!

Being an entrepreneur can be great fun.

It can also be lonely and frustrating!

Sometimes it can be difficult NOT to take things personally because YOU are the face of your business.

And this can hold you back.

Perhaps you stop putting yourself out there, you retreat into hiding.  🙈

You overthink and procrastinate on every decision instead of taking action.

You are distracted by the next bright shiny object and lose focus.

Or perhaps you’ve concluded that other people succeed but the universe is conspiring against you so you never will. 

Here’s the truth bomb. 💣

If you want to grow your business, you HAVE to put yourself out there.  You have to have a concrete plan for this and you have to do it consistently.

But this can be SO hard to do alone.

I have some great news for you!  You don’t have to do this on your own. Through tailored 1:1 coaching you can finally get out of your own way!  Together we will use neuroscience to SMASH through confidence blocks and banish overwhelm to grow your business, increase your impact and create consistent income.

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How fantastic would it feel to: 

Find out EXACTLY how you sabotage yourself (and how to stop).

Be more visible and consistent.

Reduce your anxiety levels.

Release judgement and self-doubt.

End the cycle of swinging from full motivation to stopping and hiding.

Effortlessly handle problems and challenges.

Grow your business and make a powerful impact on the world.

All whilst feeling happier, calmer and more in control?

If you are ready to figure out what will truly make you happy, gain confidence and clarity and to build a business that fits with your life, strengths and values then my one on one coaching is for you! 

What’s different about the coaching with me is that as well as the ‘nuts and bolts’ practicalities of building your business, we will also work together on the bit that gets forgotten about….YOU!  Your unique fears, emotions, thoughts and mindset. 

I will help you to identify what is holding you back and support you to move forward with increased self compassion and understanding.

Here’s what coaching includes

  1. 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs
  2. Opportunity to explore mindset and what is holding you back
  3. Tailored support in generating options which work for you
  4. Development of your confidence, self-belief and focus
  5. Concrete strategies and action plans to bring you success and happiness
  6. Business skills development as required (e.g. defining your niche, developing a marketing plan, gaining clients, setting your price and more)
  7. Tailored exercises including worksheets, affirmations, meditations, articles etc.

Get ready to move from stuck and unsure to 


Cut through the overwhelm and gain crystal clear clarity on your next steps.


Find out what is holding you back. With my help you will challenge your limiting beliefs and build self-compassion and confidence.


Smash your goals and make more impact and money in your business!

Save yourself the stress, time and pain of trying to figure all this out for yourself.  Take the first step and book your powerful first coaching session!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, as all sessions are held via Zoom or similar.  If you do happen to live near me, subject to us finding a suitable location, face to face meetings may be possible.

I have an accredited Life Coaching Diploma through Wellness Professionals at Work.  (Diploma accredited by the Association for Coaching. and The National Council of Psychotherapists.)  I’m a certified NLP Practitioner and I also hold an MA in Human Resource Management from Teesside University, UK.  In addition I am a Certified Coach with Positive Intelligence and am currently studying for a Level 7 Certificate with the ILM in Coaching for Executives and Senior Leaders.

Many other business coaching programmes focus on the solution rather than the cause.  What is different about working with me is that we will focus on your mindset, what beliefs are holding you back and gain clarity on your unique strengths and values.  This focus on mindset coupled with practical tools to move you forward are a powerful combination.

I usually recommend 3 sessions with a few weeks between each session to give you the time to reflect and take action.   Everyone is different however so we can absolutely discuss this and tailor the programme to your unique circumstances.