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Mondays Are Looking Warm And Bright!

It's time for you to move from 'stuck' to career happiness

Are You Feeling Stuck And Unfulfilled?

  • Do you feel like a ‘square peg in a round hole’?
  • Are you at the ‘top’ of your career ladder but feel trapped and unhappy?
  • Do you feel like there must be something more to life but that you have limited options?
  • Do you want to start your own business or take your existing business to the next level?
  • Have you found yourself at a career crossroads and aren’t sure which direction to take?
  • Are you lacking in the self-belief and confidence to make a change?
  • Would you love to make a change but have no idea where to begin?
  • Are you worried about making the wrong decision?
  • Do you worry about a loss of financial security if you make a change?
  • Are you concerned about the impact on your family?
  • Do you feel your potential is being wasted?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, isn’t it time to get unstuck? To take a step towards a more happy, balanced and fulfilled life?

Yes, I know this isn’t easy, which is why I’m here to help you take that next step.

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Hi, I'm Alison

I’m a certified coach and NLP Practitioner and I’m here to help you explore what’s holding you back. To get unstuck and build a successful career that aligns with your passion and purpose.

I learned the hard way how a lack of confidence and self-belief can hold you back and keep you stuck.  

Although I enjoyed the work I was doing to a degree, I never felt truly in alignment with my love of developing myself and others.

I took on too much, thought the only way to progress was upwards and ended up burnt out.

I had unhealthy habits and didn’t pursue alternative options due to a lack of self-belief and a fixed mindset.

Fast forward and I now have a job that I love plus my own business, both of which truly align with my strengths and values.  

I have also established tools to manage my emotions, thoughts and self-care and to consistently gain much more positive outcomes.

Using these experiences, plus over 20 years working in Human Resources I would love to help you to find the same sense of purpose, fulfilment and happiness.

I would highly recommend Alison as a coach. I needed some help with overcoming blocks such as procrastination in relation to my career goals. The sessions over Zoom worked really well for me, particularly as a parent as I didn't need to find childcare or travel. Our sessions helped me uncover actions to take to progress me further. I am a lot more confident now and have made significant, quantifiable steps towards achieving my goals.
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Alex Grace
Freelance Writer

Work With Me

My goal is to help you find true happiness and success in your career or business.  I will help you to gain clarity and explore what really matters to you.

I will help you overcome obstacles and barriers to success and to build your self-belief and confidence.

Whether you are looking to change careers, go for promotion, grow your business, plan your next steps following redundancy or simply want some help with networking, personal branding,  job search and interview skills, I designed my tailored approach with you in mind.

Ready to get unstuck?  Book your free call now and let’s chat!
I found Alison really warm, friendly and easy to talk to. I wanted a one off, intense session to help me structure and plan my upcoming workshops. By the end of the session I had a clear plan of exactly what I needed to get working on.
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Jo Permaul
Homeopath & Holistic Life Coach

I learned the hard way how lack of confidence and self-belief can hold you back and keep you stuck.

I was a sensitive soul who was bullied at school which led me to believe I couldn’t do lots of things.  For example, I told myself I’d never be able to stand up in front of a group and speak or to ‘win’ in an argument.

I was fascinated by human behaviour and was attracted to studying psychology at University.  However, there were group presentations as part of the course so I talked myself out of taking that route.

I ended up studying for a different degree but at the end of my time at University, I was very unsure about what I wanted to do.

I had a vague idea that I wanted to work with people, but I was terrified of getting up and speaking to them!  I talked myself out of a number of career options as I told myself I’d never be able to stand up and speak in front of groups.

I then spent a number of years building my career and working my way up the ladder.

On the outside, I looked like I had it all.  My own team, my own office, money to spend on all the holidays I wanted.

But something didn’t feel right. I felt stressed, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. I’d struggle with difficult situations and people and often lacked confidence in what I was doing.

I felt trapped in a career I had pursued for many years. I felt trapped by the status and financial rewards attached to my work.

If there were alternative routes I could go down, I couldn’t see them and I was too stressed and tired to go looking.

After a period of time off sick from work with burnout,I started to reassess things. I made changes to my lifestyle and embarked on learning about what truly mattered to me.

I left that career in Human Resources to take up a new challenge in Leadership Development. I simultaneously became a certified life coach and began helping others with a range of challenges.

I have also established tools to manage my emotions, thoughts and self-care and consistently gain much more positive outcomes.

Throughout my career I have always loved helping others to reach their potential, particularly in the world of work. As a result of this, Get Set_Believe was born.

It has taken me 30 years to figure out exactly what I want to do with my life!

Now I look back, I realise how useful it would have been to have had someone professional and impartial to help support and guide me.

I would love to help you short-cut years of soul searching.  Find out how to align your strengths, values, purpose and passions with your work and look forward to Monday mornings!

Coaching Sessions & Programmes

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1x60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Session*

Getting unstuck always begins with mindset.  

Coaching sessions are always tailored to you, but one thing that makes my coaching different is that I will help you to identify exactly what is holding you back.

In this powerful 60 minute call I will help you to:

Identify and challenge the thoughts and emotions which are keeping you stuck.

Create a vision of your future.

Take the first steps to making your dreams a reality.

Alternatively, if you simply want some help with a specific issue – for example and upcoming interview or presentation,  I can also help you during this focused hour.

We can also arrange multiple sessions, contact me for further details. 

*All sessions are held remotely via Zoom or similar.

I came to Alison to help me move forward with my new life coaching business. Alison has a fantastic communication style. She used inspiring questions and a variety of techniques which really got me thinking. I found the sessions with Alison very beneficial in helping me move forward with my business.
Marian headshot
Marian Conneely
Life Coach
i was born to do this notebook

Get Set For Career Happiness

12 Week 1:1 Coaching Program*

Over a 12 week period I will help you to:

Discover your unique strengths, values and personality traits.

Identify what is holding you back.

Create a vision of your future.

Generate career options which work for you.

Develop your confidence, self-belief and focus.

Implement strategies and action plans to bring you career happiness and fulfilment.

Includes 6 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs.

*All sessions are held remotely via Zoom or similar.

** Other tailored packages can also be arranged, contact me for further details. 

women in a group circle

Mental Fitness Kickstart Program

7 Week Group Program

This is for you if you:

  • Doubt yourself and lack confidence 
  • Make progress but then sabotage yourself/backtrack
  • Procrastinate over decisions and taking the action which will move you forward
  • Feel like an imposter
  • Are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and out of your depth
  • Want to build new healthy habits which will impact your whole life, not just your working life


Over the 7-week program, you will learn simple and implementable techniques and feel motivated through instant feedback on your progress in building the 3 core muscles of mental fitness.  

You will be supported by me as your coach and will have accountability through weekly group coaching sessions. Research has shown this to be a critical success factor for establishing lasting new positive habits of the mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, as all sessions are held via Zoom or similar.  If you do happen to live near me (Teesside, UK) subject to us finding a suitable location, face to face meetings may be possible.

I have an accredited Life Coaching Diploma through Wellness Professionals at Work.  (Diploma accredited by the Association for Coaching. and The National Council of Psychotherapists.)  I’m a certified NLP Practitioner and I also hold an MA in Human Resource Management from Teesside University, UK.  I am also a certified PQ Coach™ with Positive Intelligence.

Most other programmes focus on the solution rather than the cause.  What is different about working with me is that we will focus on your mindset, what beliefs are holding you back and gain clarity on your unique strengths and values.  This focus on mindset coupled with practical tools to move you forward are a powerful combination.

I usually recommend the 6 coaching sessions take place fortnightly over 12 weeks.  More frequently may not give you the time to reflect and take action between sessions.  Less frequently and we may lose momentum.  Everyone is different however so we can absolutely discuss this and tailor the programme to your unique circumstances.

The beauty of coaching is its flexibility.  I can tailor sessions to meet your needs and offer everything from a one off coaching session to the full programme (and anything in between).  Programme length and/or the number of sessions can also be extended.  Contact me to discuss options further.