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Do You Dread Monday Mornings?

Do you feel like you are in the wrong job?  Are you sure you would be happier doing something else but don’t know where to begin?  Are you scared of failing and letting people down?

I hear you!  Here’s what I was telling myself even though I was stressed, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled.

“But I’ve Worked My Way To The Top – I Have To Keep Going…”

Every Sunday night would be filled with dread, I HATED Monday mornings with a vengeance. What stress and pain was going to come my way this week? How many different directions would I be pulled in? 

And all for what? Even though I was constantly working at 100mph I never felt I was actually making a difference to anyone’s life at all….

At school I’d never been really sure of what it was I wanted to do (who really does know at 18 years old?!)

I’d also been bullied which had a big impact on my confidence and self-belief.  So much so that I talked myself out of a number of career options. 

I went off to University and got my degree. I vaguely knew I wanted to help people so I drifted into Human Resources. (Note to my 18-year-old self – Human Resources IS NOT about helping people!)

I then spent a number of years climbing my way to the top of the career ladder.

On the outside, I probably looked like I had it all – my own team, my own office, money to spend on all the holidays I wanted. But I was dying inside most of the time. 

 I felt stressed, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. I’d struggle with difficult situations and people and often lacked confidence in what I was doing.

I felt trapped in a career I had pursued for many years. I felt trapped by the status and financial rewards attached to my work.  The thought of starting at the bottom with something else filled me with shame and dread.

If there were alternative routes I could go down, I couldn’t see them and I was too stressed and tired to go looking.

I doubted that I had the relevant skills or qualifications to do anything else anyway and starting ‘at the bottom’ again was a big no for me.

Living a life that wasn’t aligned with my values and strengths eventually took its toll. I ended up off sick with stress and burnout. 

My Dad also passed away and I realised how short life really is.  Way too short to stay stuck and unhappy.

So began a journey of self-discovery and finally, I found the self-belief and the courage to make a move. I overcame the limiting beliefs that had been totally holding me back. 

It turned out that I DID have the skills and expertise and that taking a pay cut to pursue my dreams really wasn’t as much of an issue as I thought it was.

All was not lost from my old career either.  I realised that the main thing that had kept me getting up and going to work for all those years was my love of supporting my team members to fulfil their potential.  I had always been curious to find out what was holding them back, to listen to them, and to cheer them on.

This realisation led me to find new life as a leadership and career mindset trainer and coach.   

I now love my Monday Mornings!  I feel happy and fulfilled and my work-life balance is so much better.

It’s taken me 30 years to figure out exactly what I want to do with my life!

Now I look back, I realise how useful it would have been to have had someone professional and impartial to help support and guide me.

It makes me so sad when I see others who are stuck.  Who have so much to give and so much potential, but they stay on an unfulfilling career path that doesn’t bring them happiness.

It’s time for you to look forward to Monday mornings too!

I would love to help you short-cut years of soul searching.   To support you with warmth, patience and curiosity to find out how to align your strengths, values and passion with your work. 


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Work With Me

My goal is to help you find true happiness and success in your career or business.  I will help you to gain clarity and explore what really matters to you.

I will help you overcome obstacles and barriers to success and to build your self-belief and confidence.

Whether you are looking to change careers, go for promotion, grow your business, plan your next steps following redundancy or simply want some help with job search and interview skills, my tailored approach is designed with you in mind.

Alison was so kind and very easy to talk to. She was willing to listen and provide effective ways to solve some of my problems that kept me from meeting some of my personal goals. I'm from the US and even though Alison has a UK accent, she spoke slowly and if I did not understand something, she did not mind repeating it. Alison helped me to keep everything in perspective and not to give up on my goals

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