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The Importance of Growing Your Mental Fitness

As you complete your mental fitness kickstart program, it's natural to be asking yourself:

woman wrapped in blanket drinking coffee

What's next in my mental fitness journey?

We are beyond excited that you have already:

Mental fitness already achieved this

What have you learned about yourself and your impact on people?

Have you noticed the positive
impact this program has already had on your relationship with
your work colleagues, partner,
spouse, and your family?

You've strengthened mental muscles you may not know you had

While you are free to repeat this work, the real value is to continue your practice by applying what you have learned. The great news is that Positive Intelligence has developed a long-term program that you can continue at your own pace.

This is you and your mental fitness

This is only the beginning!

Don’t let those mental muscles weaken and atrophy, keep growing your mental fitness and continue strengthening your PQ muscles.

Now that you have a firm grasp of how the PQ Operating System works, it’s important to keep growing in your mental fitness practice.  

Creating lasting, positive change is a lifelong process

This process improves over time as you continue your journey and build your mental fitness practice.  Continuing your PQ practice can help you find a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

As you continue your journey, you will live into your true potential in whatever form that may take for you.

Continuing your practice using the Positive Intelligence Grow program, you will continue to produce results in all the domains of your life.

Get ready to GROW!

While the first 7 weeks were designed to be immersive, the next phase is intended to help you build daily practices that are sustainable for the foreseeable future.

As you continue with the Grow program, you will continue to reap the benefits as you strengthen your own mental fitness.

You are invited to maintain your PQ practice and Grow the powers of your Sage.

Сontinuing your mental fitness journey means strengthening your Sage Powers. Allowing your muscles to atrophy makes you more susceptible to Saboteur hijacks.

As you continue with our Grow program, you will continue to reap the benefits as you strengthen your
own mental fitness.

The Grow program includes:

More than 6 months of new Focus of the Day exercises

Continue at your own pace

Daily, every other day, weekly, or whenever you need a boost before an important event.

More choice

You decide which Focus of the Day you want to work on.

Re-listen to your favourite modules

Work on what matters to you most.

Work on ALL 10 saboteurs

Not just your Judge and top accomplice saboteur. 

Regular journalling and celebration of PQ growth

Stress management customised to your saboteurs.

Conflict management using the 5 sage powers.

Additional modules are added monthly.  Topics to date include energy optimisation, relationships, wellness, change management and emotional intelligence.

Monthly group coaching call with Alison

 Regular additional ‘deep dive’ sessions with Alison

Option to add 1:1 coaching at a reduced rate

Similar to a gym membership for your physical health, the Grow program is designed as a monthly membership to support your mental fitness. 

As you invest in your own mental fitness, you will see the positive impact you have at work, at home and in your community. You will spend more time as the best version of yourself and less time judging, controlling, avoiding, and self-sabotaging.

Mental Fitness is a lifelong journey towards mastery

tangible benefits

You've won the sprint, life is a marathon

Welcome to your new life!

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