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Get Set For Career Happiness!

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Alison is an excellent listener. She put me at ease and helped me to gain clarity and to believe in myself. I now feel I am confident again and if thoughts of imposter syndrome kick in, I can challenge them.
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Kat Tighe
Self Love & Wellness Coach

Do you feel trapped in a career rut?

Have you worked your way to the ‘top’ of your game but feel like you’ve gone in the wrong direction?

Does your career feel like a ‘golden ball and chain’?

Perhaps you are dreading Monday morning rolling around and feel stressed and overwhelmed?

Have you thought about making a change but have no idea where to start?

Maybe you are worried about a loss of financial security, or what your family might say?

Do you feel guilty having spent all that time and effort getting to the ‘top’ of where you thought you wanted to be?

Would you like to start your own business or grow a side hustle but don’t know where to begin?

Are you lacking the confidence and self-belief to make a change?

If this describes you, I can tell you that you are not alone!  This was my story too and it’s a story I also hear many of my friends tell.  

I have some good news for you!  It is possible to get unstuck and move yourself out of this rut.  It is entirely possible to craft a career that fits who you are.  You CAN wake up on a Monday morning excited for the week ahead.

woman writing on pad

How fantastic would it feel to have

Happiness and success

Peace and prosperity


Confidence and self belief

Meaningful work that feels right to you

A sense of purpose

A feeling of being calm, focussed and confident

Work that doesn’t feel like work?!

If you are ready to figure out what will truly make you happy, gain confidence and clarity and to build a career or business that fits with your life, strengths and values then the Get Set For Career Happiness Progamme is for you! 

What’s different about the Get Set For Career Happiness Programme is that as well as the ‘nuts and bolts’ practicalities of finding a career you love, we will also work together on the bit that gets forgotten about….YOU!  Your unique fears, emotions, thoughts and mindset. 

I will help you to identify what is holding you back and support you to move forward with increased self compassion and understanding.

Here’s what the programme includes:

  1. 6 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs
  2. Opportunity to explore mindset and what is holding you back
  3. Strengths survey
  4. Values survey
  5. Skills audit
  6. Visioning exercise to help you create a vision for happiness
  7. Support in generating options which work for you
  8. Development of your confidence, self-belief and focus
  9. Concrete strategies and action plans to bring you career happiness and fulfilment
  10. Career search skills development as required (e.g. interview skills, presentation skills, networking skills and more)
  11. Business skills development as required (e.g. defining your niche, developing a marketing plan, gaining clients, setting your price and more)
  12. Tailored exercises including worksheets, affirmations, meditations, articles and more
  13. Unlimited email access to me (your personal cheerleader) 

Get ready to move from stuck and unsure to 


Gain clarity on your unique strengths, skills, values and personality traits and how you can use these to craft a life you'll love.


Find out what is holding you back. With my help you will challenge your limiting beliefs and build self-compassion and confidence.


Love Monday mornings! Find work that doesn't feel like work and which truly aligns to who you are

Save yourself the stress, time and pain of trying to figure all this out for yourself.  Take the first step and book a call to take the first step towards happiness and clarity in your career and life.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, as all sessions are held via Zoom or similar.  If you do happen to live near me, subject to us finding a suitable location, face to face meetings may be possible.

I have an accredited Life Coaching Diploma through Wellness Professionals at Work.  (Diploma accredited by the Association for Coaching. and The National Council of Psychotherapists.)  I’m a certified NLP Practitioner and I also hold an MA in Human Resource Management from Teesside University, UK

Most other programmes focus on the solution rather than the cause.  What is different about working with me is that we will focus on your mindset, what beliefs are holding you back and gain clarity on your unique strengths and values.  This focus on mindset coupled with practical tools to move you forward are a powerful combination.

I usually recommend the 6 coaching sessions take place fortnightly over 12 weeks.  More frequently may not give you the time to reflect and take action between sessions.  Less frequently and we may lose momentum.  Everyone is different however so we can absolutely discuss this and tailor the programme to your unique circumstances.

The beauty of coaching is its flexibility.  I can tailor sessions to meet your needs and offer everything from a one off coaching session to the full programme (and anything in between).  Programme length and/or the number of sessions can also be extended.  Contact me to discuss options further.